This is my License of my work. All of the work on this website ( “The Writing Engine”) that was written by me is copyrighted to me, Daniel A. Samuelson. This copyright extends to any comments and modifications made by me to these pages and, through this copyright, gives me the control to allow the following –

You may repost any text here by me (Daniel A. Samuelson, or Luarien)

You may write within my copyrighted worlds and universes, settings and ideas

You may use any and all of my text for any kind of remixed work, including discussions about my work or retellings of the same stories.

You may use any characters or facsimiles of those characters for any purpose in any environment

So Long As you include a credit to me for my work, a link back to the original work, and maybe a thank you. That last part isn’t necessary, but it’s nice.

Now, for some philosophy and explanation.

This blog and its works are completely open to anyone to use and remix because that’s what art is. Art is an environment we all live in, a system of turning experiences into stories through words, pictures, videos, sound, and games.

However, I am disabled and I’m neurologically atypical. My creative work is all I have left to make a reasonable living. For that reason, I need your help as fellow artists and fans of art to make sure that proper attribution happens and those who want to support me have the opportunity to do so. And then it doesn’t matter how little you can give if there are thousands and thousands of people who give a little. If those people can be found, it takes the pressure off of all of us. Me, most of all. And that lets us all create more art.


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