So this is getting placed in the middle of NFTAP2 to establish a history for a few things I want to work with later. This isn’t the only large scale edit I’m going to be doing to NFTAP2.

So, here we go!


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So, today I’m posting the beginning of the first draft of part 3 of Notes From the Abyss. This one’s a flashback about the thing that caused the Cataclysm and set up the Macguffin that the whole series so far rests on. So.

Anyway. I hope you like it!


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So, I don’t know what to do. Notes Part 2 is looking at having a whole chapter of exposition. Which I don’t want to do.

I’m considering having Part 3 be a flashback section, to explain the foundation of the current story, but Part 2 is only 7500 words right now. That’ll be expanded in editing, but will it go far enough to support itself?

What should I do?

Hah! Haven’t seen this one in a while, have you? Well, here it is. I didn’t do a whole chapter of exposition. Yet. That’ll be the next chapter. It was fun to go back into Jarvis’ shoes, though, especially since I’ve been working in a lot of different things lately. I’m also cooking up a few ideas for a new urban fantasy story called A Worn Cloak and it will be the new (modern, Orange County based) story for Roland Argyle. I’ll let you guys wonder what the gimmick is for my urban fantasy idea this time around.

Also, today is my 26th birthday! Yay me!


Without further ado…


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Had a really good day yesterday at Disneyland, but the end of it reminded me of a problem I need to find a solution for – I need to figure out how the hell I’m going to publish this stuff. This is over the halfway mark of the first draft of Part Two of Notes From the Abyss, and part one has yet to be read by another set of eyes and commented on. I lack cover images.

Also realized I need to push the people who’ve promised to help me with some of my other ideas ’cause I’m bored with sleeping in the place I sleep in. It’s not, well, where I’d like to be.

Enough of this maudlin complaining though, you came here for a story!

And, well, here’s part of one!


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Travel Through the Abyss

April 23, 2012

So, this is a little bit shorter than normal but I’m running into a bit of a wall with Notes right now. I’m not sure where to take it. If you like this, though, please let me know.

Anyway, updates! I went to the Oakquinox event at Stone Brewery yesterday with my girlfriend (it was her birthday) and a few of our mutual friends. It was awesome, great beers all around.  It was a huge celebration of barrel-aged beers and they all really delivered. I’m hoping the next event I go to is Stone’s Sourfest, in July. If you’re going, let me know and I’ll be happy to hang out and share a bit of conversation!

Life stuff – still don’t know what I’m going to do for income when my current unemployment line is out. I don’t have a cover artist or any viable cover images which is why you haven’t seen either my short stories or Notes part one up for the Kindle and Nook yet. I haven’t gotten a hold of any potential investors yet but I’ve got some hopeful leads. Today is the first day, and hopefully last day, in a while that I won’t be able to eat while I’m out. (This is hopefully changing sooner rather than later, too – trying to get out of the place I’m living since it game with a lot of hidden costs).

Anyway, on to the story!


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More Unedited Writing!

April 11, 2012

A lot of this will turn into conversations, I think, since a lot of this is framing and I’m forcing a lot of the story out right now.

When I wrote Part One, it gained 5,000 words during editing. So I’m not too worried about how disappointed I am with this part so far.

Anyway, without further ado, Chapter Four of Notes From the Abyss Part II


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