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May 12, 2017

“No, sir, everything’s been tested thoroughly. Let me explain how it works.”

The Nhanced Awareness clinic was clean and highlighted in comforting greys and blues, with each of the clinicians wearing smart, fitted lab frocks with the Nhance logo emblazoned over their hearts. An example of the device itself, a strange collar looking device with several spines protruding toward its center like a medieval torture device but in medical-grade plastics and platinum alloys, was suspended in a glass case in the center of the waiting room. Around it were hung posters of people enjoying the interface of the device suspended in the air infront of them, a layer of communications and news gently enhancing their everyday life.

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A Rewrite, An Edited Story

February 15, 2012

The post today includes the edited version of Fake Cigarettes and Cold Coffee. I’m not sure what I’m going to post on Friday yet. Probably something rambling at this point about the stories I’m working on, namely The First and Forgotten Hero (a rewrite of the Perseus myth – that’s the one used in the Titan movies) and The Grey Paladin (a purely fantasy story that I’m working on). I’m also considering banging together some pure steampunk ’cause I miss the sound of steam in my mind.

For now, though, I’ve got his Speculative Fiction piece. So you’ll have to enjoy it. It’s over 10,000 words long, though, so you are getting a lot for your money so to speak. Speaking of enjoying things, if you are enjoying this then please tell other people about what I’m doing here. I could use the readers and the extra sets of eyes – your opinions help fuel my writing and help me become a better writer.

Thanks for your time and attention! Enjoy!


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