A black, leather bound and magical journal

This is our secret journal. It’s a mystical and magical journal that helps me when I’m feeling down, when I’m feeling sad, and when I’m feeling alone. The pages inside are endless and it collects the thoughts and feelings of people all of the world and tells me what they like about me, what they love about me. Whether it’s as simple as how I say hi or as complex as how I’ve always been there for them when times are tough. When things aren’t true anymore, the entries fade and the ink disappears, so whenever I open it and read something from it, I know it’s true. I know that somewhere out there, someone really feels it.

Do you want to put anything in our secret journal? The journal that tells me how I make you happy?


2 Responses to “Our Secret Journal”

  1. Banonymous Says:

    I think sometimes you make me happy showing your true colours, your ups and downs and realities of life… your vulnerability and authenticity… it brightens my day… Thanks for that dear holder of the secret journal šŸ˜‰

  2. Hieronymus Says:

    I hope to someday be as observant and attentive as you.

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