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I really enjoyed this article, and it’s something I plan on doing with my own kids. While I might be playing Skyrim right now, I’m also playing through System Shock 2 because it matters to me.

I want to discuss mechanics with my kids and why they matter. I want my children to be critics of their world.


Video Game Giveaway!

December 19, 2014

Video Game Giveaway!.

Hey everyone! Merry Happy! I’m giving away video games with my partner Heina! Head over to their blog and check out the list!

A great piece by my partner about labels. Activism and alliance is something you do, not something you are. Define and describe yourself, but don’t use other people’s identities to do it.

Why I Don’t Like Calling Myself an “Activist” or “Ally”.

What I had failed to realize, despite my weeks of preparation, is that my ability and willingness to enter into a space of “debate” around the issue of abortion is a manifestation of privilege. What you are wiling to debate – what is effectively “up for discussion” – is frequently a reflection of what you think, in principle, you might be willing to give up.

via On the Privilege of Discussing Abortion.

It Is Expensive to Be Poor – Barbara Ehrenreich – The Atlantic.

It’s not often a traditional news outlet online has a decent article, but here it is.

Save WLP: Matching Fund Challenge! | Indiegogo.

Not much longer for this project, but if you have some money you could throw their way I’d suggest it. They need every dollar they can get to help young women of color in south LA with peer outreach on women’s rights and community support.

But if you want more details, just follow the link and read what they’re all about.

Why Don’t The Bi People Just Come Out Already? An Open Letter To Dan Savage. | Consider the Tea Cosy.

I’m pansexual, and I don’t talk about this a lot in many of the queer spaces I’m in. The weird thing is I was totally comfortable talking about it around my straight as arrows, casually racist and homophobic old guard friends. Why? They just accepted me as another guy that sleeps with guys, even if I also slept with women. Yeah, I’d get made fun of on occasion but everyone did for any perceived slight – it was part of the macho bonding experience we were all supposed to expect.

When I found a group of gay and lesbian gamers, though, and I came out to them? I got open hostility. Hatred. I was told over and over again that I was exploiting them, that I was lying, that I would “come around eventually” to realizing I’m actually gay. I was pressed into a mold I didn’t fit, still don’t fit, and I was attacked for thinking I could be different. It’s still not something I like to talk about in the gay community because I have, on the whole, felt safer in casually homophobic communities of poverty than I have anywhere in the gay and lesbian continuum of communities, and only because I refuse to be attracted to just one concept of gender or presentation.

Read this and know where people like me are coming from.

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