We, at the Writing Engine, are the collectors and processors of the Works, Drafts, and Completed Pieces of one Daniel A. Samuelson, author and analytic technician.

We are currently staffed only by the author himself, as well as various and sundry mechanism which permit us to carry out our purposes with efficiency and alacrity.

Topics with which are utilized in the production of this Collection include Science Fiction, Fantasy, Contemporary Fiction, Modern and Historical Fiction, with a special emphasis on the Steampunk genre of Speculative Fiction.

The Author is, Himself, always fascinated by discussion and questioning surrounding his Work and will gladly entertain any conversation so long as it continues to be fascinating.

However, it should be known that the Author brooks no poor behaviour within the parlor we have established here. To that end, visitors are properly warned that the Author does not enjoy any discussion of his Politics nor his Creed, and informs all visitors that he is a supporter of movements among the Feminists as well as Polyamorists, and is Himself an Ethical Hedonist.

Should you have or want further consideration on these points, do not hesitate to leave a comment card upon this Statement or find methods to send word to the Author. We shall respond with all haste to any inconvenience you may discover.

As well, if during your stay here you find our Work to be a pleasure to your senses, please consider Supporting our efforts here with a monetary donation if your budget may allow it.

Please enjoy our collection.

Fourth of January, Two-Thousand and Twelve of the Common Era

Daniel A. Samuelson


2 Responses to “A Description, Or Our Purposes and Methods”

  1. Aly Hughes Says:

    Hey there Luarien(Or do you prefer Daniel?)! In the spirit of connecting bloggers and sharing some of my favorite blogs, I’ve nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. 🙂 The official nomination, along with a list of others, is on my blog.

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