I was High and I was Thinking…

November 2, 2017

I was thinking about Conflict eras. Nah, let me define it…

All forms of social conflict are rooted in a continual bimodal conflict tree. If you follow the “moral arc of history” and examine the choices going back in even the most popular of culture there is a pursuing, pure, applicative moral – the Good people will win because we are Aware. That second part morphs from generation to generation, though, and is itself a secondary conflict; what defines good?
And that end point of any particular narrative library or series is the exact example of this. Underneath any story of any length or depth into what actually happened is a series of wars of good versus evil in our meta-psyche; or, more simply, we always believe in what is Right (correct, exact, true, observed, agreed upon, embraced, appreciated) versus wrong (something nobody thinks is true).
I’m examining the most childish contrastment here; a tool that could rightly be looked at as propaganda, but when you spread out the most cynical of systems and understood them as serious arguments (ie, the most very cool way of looking at history) and look at each system existing in every level of every culture at its most basic forms, there’s always a binary modal choice presumption;
Do I follow option A which is the Correct Option because Reasons
or do I follow option B, which is Transgressive because Reasons
This, as a fundamental question, is one that is most poignantly and perfectly contrived to apply to popular culture based on misaligned but artistic ideals. By this I mean science fiction, fantasy, and every genre that spilled out of that since Mary Shelley first wrote Frankenstein.
Only nerds, those most pationitally lashed to the most basic of provable facts (ie; when Jesus was exactly born based on every star chart in provable history) can possibly answer the fundamental truths of the world. Because the most noble position, the most lauded position, in the entire hierarchy is to be on side B, but ultimately to be correct.
To restate, it is a system that promotes an aggressive, personal understanding of culture. Being that if you defend your “correct position” because “this is what I know because of history, fact, and my own experience” being the valid argument, the Nerds ultimately can be bullies in their own space.
The space where the bimodal logic system allows them to be the Heroes. The undisputed Heroes. Not because of of the logic that
A is good
B is bad
But because the definitions of A and B can be changed within the game. The Nerd environment is one of proving the history and validity of a system by finding the most absolute systems in history based exclusively of what lore can be discovered by that system believes in an almost scientifically grounded mistake of logic; someone before me had this figured out and I don’t know what the fuck is going on so trust them.
This feels wandering but consider this as a condensation;
Imagine you are a child in an 80s action comedy that seems to offend no one at the time. THat last part shouldn’t be important but it is. You find a way to defeat the bad guys because you’re just better than them. We know they’re bad guys because they’re the same bad guys as last week and we know what badguys look like now.
We go into life remembering that and we laugh at the reminders that can key our memories. That’s what bad guys look like.
And this is the long tail game of nerd culture; we’re always making you hyper aware of who the uncool people are. We teach you who the monsters are, and who their agents among the rest of us are. That’s part of the mentality that fuels the resurgence of the Right in nerd culture.
The shit nerds are defending their turf because their dad is rich.
That’s their character in our 80s movie.
The Alt-Right is the white kid who is just a little bit bigger than anyone until you kick his ass and then his dad punishes you.
And everyone thinks this is right. Everyone thinks is the correct way to do things.
So you stand up and fight back about what everyone thinks is right. You know you were wronged and you know how to get back at them because your dad rich and he’s got all the power in this movie and…
now we’re exactly the plot of an 80s movie in a series of patterned emotions. You can plot an entire terrible 80s movie to the way that the Alt-Right mano/gamer/Newtheist/antiSJW crowd reacts to anyone saying “Hey wait, you’re a dick”.
They’re cosmically directed at being assholes, because the entire history of the human condition is that there must be assholes. Our current, noble, cosmic war is against people who think that rape is okay sometimes and also only white people matter and only then until they’re 45 or famous.
I hope the ending is cool, I always root for the good guys.

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