QUEST – Fighting Differently

August 23, 2017

So Fighters fight. We know that. It’s such a generic term that the generic verb is right there in their name. Over time, though, Fighters start to specialize. They settle on a style, a weapon, or even just a philosophy. When they do start down that path in this system, their class changes. They become known by their specialty, a reflection of the kind of Fighter they now are.

Today I’m gonna introduce you to the Initiate levels of Fighter specialization as it sits right now.

The Squire


The Squire is the Fighter that has devoted themselves to using two weapons, usually a shield and an agressive weapon like a sword or mace though the occasional master of the sword and dagger or even the dual swords also walk down this path first. The Squire specializes in defending their compatriots. They get between enemies and allies, they parry blows with ease, and they lock down foes from moving very far without being hampered by blows.

The Squire is capable of using any one handed weapon with their shield, including short spears, or in pairs without much difficulty. While they are trained in the use of two-handed weapons they don’t have much training to take advantage of them. They have basic training in ranged combat but primarily use arrows, bolts, bullets, javelins, and similar to harry their opponents while moving into melee combat.

The Blade


The Blade forgoes the shield and instead picks up the two handed weapon. Maybe they carry a pike to ward off enemies, a two-handed sword to create space for their shorter-weapon allies, an axe for the ease of use and powerful strikes, or even a staff to control the battle. The Blade is still a Fighter and still capable of defending their compatriots without difficulty, but their real talent lies in destroying their foes. Where the Squire is focused on defense, the Blade focuses on damage. They sunder weapons, they pierce armor, and they smash foes with their massive attacks.

The Blade is also the home of those Fighters who devote themselves to a particular weapon, learning the intricacies of the weapon’s forms. There are rumors, even that there are masters who are even capable of superhuman feats with their weapon alone. The Blade is also the home of the shock trooper – the soldier that crashes into the enemy lines at speed and strikes hard, fast, and then pulls out. Finally, the Blade also includes the warriors who help control the flow of combat on the battlefield, masters of communication with flags and banners as well the strategy and tactics communicated by the same. The backbone of an army is Squires and Blades working in tandem to control the fight, demolish the enemy, and hold ground until the battle is won.

The Sapper


The real brain and the tricky hands of an army, though, is the Sapper. These are battlefield engineers. They’re found either running siege weapons, part of the ranged attack corps, or leading light cavalry to support the main force.

The Sapper believes in fighting smart and using everything available, even the earth itself. While they’re not all master engineers, every Sapper knows how to put together a palisade, knows how to run a camp, and knows how to pitch a tent. Without the Sappers there’d be no arms and armor maintance or battlefield control, there’d be no proper camps or supply lines, there’d be no siegeworks or fortifications.

The Sapper’s still a Fighter so they’ve usually got a mace, spear, or sword around but it’s just one part of their kit. A kit that includes tools, picks, hammers, and really strong ideas about how everyone should be camped. They also carry everything they need to take care of their gear (and usually everyone else’s gear as well) and their companions. If an army marches on its stomach than the Sapper is the stomach’s shoes. Or something.

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