So, I didn’t write last month

August 1, 2017

But I’m gonna get back to writing! I promise!

I’m gonna start titling my posts with a one-word intro that tell you, the readers, what’s in the post. The Great D&D Rewrite will probably have titles starting with “REWRITE – ” then the post title for that post in particular. I’m also going to start doing other game stuff as ideas strike me and title them “SIDEQUEST – “. I’m not sure what to title fiction with, and I’m open to suggestions. Even if it’s more than one since I don’t just write one kind of fiction.

This summer has been really harsh for me, being as I’m in Riverside, CA and we recently had a nasty heatwave and this is on track to be the hottest year again. Heat saps my energy and saps my focus, which competes first with the writing and the like. I still have to do some kind of chores, I still cook regularly, and I raid in WoW twice a week (since that’s the majority of my social interaction outside of kittens and my spouse). I’ve also started playing Final Fantasy XIV again recently, partially to relax and partially because I love the art and gameplay. It’s been especially important for me to relax ’cause the political situation in the US is…awful. Like, literal Nazis awful. Being a queer disabled guy puts me on their shit list.

So tomorrow I’m going to post something, probably a Sidequest ’cause I’ve got a few ideas on games where the rules aren’t open information. There’ll be new fiction this month for sure as well, and at least one rewrite post. Though we are getting to the more difficult parts of the rewrite that preludes the ability to playtest. Gonna have to start writing actual rules with numbers soon.

Anyway, hope you’re looking forward to all that.


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