Heading Toward the Mansion Part One – Sam the Mythomancer

June 27, 2017

The following is a transcript of the recent broadcast of “Run Up to the Monsterous Mansion Season 4”, the first episode in this season’s summer pre-show. It consists primarily of a conversation between the three hosts; Suzuki Omaya the show’s historical specialist on the mansion and previous seasons, Tom McCallister the color commentator for this season, and Greg Oyotonombe the magical arts specialist and contestant bio specialist. There are two on-the-ground reporters for the team, Maria Patel and David Silverman, who put together the bio packages and interviews for the show. Here they will be referred to as their first names.

In case this transcript skips dimensions like last year’s finale did due to the actions in the Second Foyer, a brief description of “Monsterous Mansion” – in the northern Sierra Nevada mountains of the Paiute Protectorate and Confederacy a sorcerer that assited in the War of Resistance built a massive mansion complex in the mid-19th century that was slowly expanded either by his descendants or the Mansion itself. It is  a somewhat intelligent complex that housed the family for over 100 years. In 1997, the family was abruptly dislocated from the premises and sent to one of their European homes as the Mansion twisted itself into something dangerous but did not move beyond its own borders. No one yet knows what is wrong with the buildings themselves or why they would do this. After ten years of attempting to infiltrate the complex themselves and with professional help, including the shaman of the Paiute Protectorate, an agremeent was reached with the International Broadcasting Board to allow a competitive telescry show to be broadcast on restricted channels showing self-selected teams to breach the Mansion and attempt to repair or recover what they can. Cash prizes are offered as well as access to the family’s extensive artifact holdings. While these forrays can be deadly, resurrection has been unsealed for these contestants and the necessary materials have been provided by numerous organizations across the world, from the New England Freestates to the Flying Cities. Contestants only gain cash prizes and artifact access if they survive; otherwise they are resurected at the end of the season.

Here is the transcript –

Suzuki: Hello Mansion Masters! This is Suzuki Omaya in the Pauite Protectorate live infront of the Mansion itself! I’m here with Tom McCallister and Greg Oyotonombe and we’re really excited for this year’s show. We’re here to introduce you to your new slate of contestants for the second year in a row and today we’re going to start with a new face not only on the professional magician scene but also a new specialty that we haven’t seen make it past the trials.

Tom: That’s right, Suzuki. While we’ve seen all manner of specialists from numerous disciplines come through the Gates of Hell, we’ve never seen someone with this speciality before. He calls himself a “mythomancer”. Greg, can you tell us anything about this?

Greg: Yes, of course. While most specialties make sense immediately on explaining them, such as pyromancy’s fire or even divination’s scrying, the mythomancer specializes in utilizing the stories of the things around us and the built up resonance within them. They have a wide-ranging set of abilities based on manipulating those stories, from shifting the perceptions of their opponents on the battlefield to finding secrets, even those covered by magic, but understanding the personality of the person who hid them. Their greatest strength, though, lies in their ability to borrow skills from powerful people by holding something of that person’s and “remembering” the abilities of the person in question that are relevant to the item in question. Sam famously used this trick during the Trial of Winds by requesting a Chinese Jade sword that was famously used by a flying sword master to leap from island to island using her techniques, a school of magic that Sam has no training in.

Suzuki: Absolutely fascsinating. It must take a quick mind, and a creative mind, to use such a strange but flexible school.

Greg: It does, we rarely see similar magicians make it far in the trials due to any person’s natural inclination to try to brute force a problem. For a mythomancer that normally means trying to find the easiest story to tell about the issue and they usually overlook important details.

Tom: Meanwhile Sam has consistently shown us that he’s a cut above the rest. He’s worked out every detail and sought information where he’s needed it and also shown he’s quick on his feet to pivot a story away from an ending that he doesn’t like. In the Trial of Fear he used that exact skill to get the autoagents to turn on each other, convincing them that one of them was a traitor despite the fact that they are automatons built for this environment.

Suzuki: It really shows that there is no one that can’t take on the Mansion with some dedication, luck, and skill. Let’s turn to our bio reporters to fill us in on Sam’s background. Dave, Maria?

Maria: Thanks guys! We’re here in Northern Mexico where Sam is said to have grown up. It’s hard to tell, though, as so little of Sam’s history is available for us.

David: It’s no surprise that a magus that specializes in stories would hide his last name and where he grew up, though we do know that he’s from the coast here near Los Angeles and is from the community established during the War of Resistance of pro-Native Independence Europeans, ex-slaves, Asian, and Native peoples from the war zone back east. He speaks English, Mandarin, Navajo, and Paiute fluently, and is reportedly versed in several other languages as well.

Maria: It’s that breadth of language and experience that gives him a leg up on many other mythomancers who usually come from very strong nationalistic backgrounds and only know one set of stories – the stories that they Transcended with. Sam, though, is one of the few multicultural mythomancers and one that bucks these nationalistic trends by embracing every group of people he’s come in contact with.

David: In fact, we saw him use one of the Thousand And One Nights’ famous scenes to lay out his defenses in one of the trials, and spoke of mythomancer’s legendary precursor, Anasasi, in his speech accepting his position on the team.

Maria: While we can’t say much about the man himself, we can see from his roots and from his actions that this will be a fascinating season to watch. Back to you guys in the studio.

Greg: Absolutely amazing. Nationalism has been a frequent issue from viewers watching these seasons when mythomancers come up, especially with the rising tide against racism in the Unity of College States.

Suzuki: I, for one, am glad to see someone looking toward the future and leading our team for season 4 of Monsterous Mansion.

Tom: This fall is going to be one hell of a series. We might even go into extended episodes next summer! I can’t wait.

Suzuki: That’s right Tom! And as always you can find us here, ready to keep you informed and up to date on the whole team, their progress through the mansion, their conflicts, their victories, their triumphs, and their losses. We’ll also be interviewing those who leave early, die along the way, or telepressence out during the season. Keep your scrying tuned toPatreon to keep up with us this summer! Monsterous Mansion will be simulcast on TwitterTumblrG+, and Facebook this fall so no matter where you tune in from you can keep up with it live.

All Three: See you in the stream, folks!


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