Experience Your Life

May 12, 2017

“No, sir, everything’s been tested thoroughly. Let me explain how it works.”

The Nhanced Awareness clinic was clean and highlighted in comforting greys and blues, with each of the clinicians wearing smart, fitted lab frocks with the Nhance logo emblazoned over their hearts. An example of the device itself, a strange collar looking device with several spines protruding toward its center like a medieval torture device but in medical-grade plastics and platinum alloys, was suspended in a glass case in the center of the waiting room. Around it were hung posters of people enjoying the interface of the device suspended in the air infront of them, a layer of communications and news gently enhancing their everyday life.

“Several decades ago, scientists discovered a means of sending data over electrical networks. Originally you may have used a device like this to extend your home internet connection, back before everything went wireless.”

This was the latest in connection technology, one of the first to use the unified band, a wireless signal spectrum technology that could replace every existing communication system. It would allow mobile devices to send data cleanly and quickly from anywhere to anywhere in the world.

“Recently, further understanding in the electrical nature of the brain and how these signals work have allowed us to send signals to specific parts of your brain from certain areas of the body, such as the optical nerve or the spine. Our device is the safest of these options, using a vertebrae right beneath  your brain to ensure clean data transfer at high speeds.”

The clinician lead Marcus over to the installation table. It was a clean, white space, almost angled like a chair but still requiring a platform for the client’s feet to rest.

“We’re going to use a temporary electrical impulse to ensure you don’t feel any pain. This tricks your brain into disregarding any information from your nerves.”

He was told this was safe but it never sounds safe when someone says they’re going to electricute you.

A middle-aged man in a white lab coat walked out of the back room with two trays, one with the device in it. His dark skin reflected the light in an almost glaring way in the light-painted room.

“Hello, Mr. Guiterrez. I understand you’re getting the blue model? Good choice, it has the latest Nvironment processor, the very best for gaming. Now, are we ready to begin the procedure? No history of brain damage or processing issues?”

Marcus shoook his head, he’d already filled out the forms and they’ve done the electrical tuning to prevent damage, this was just a formality.

“Good, we’ll begin then.”

The doctor pulled a crown-like device down from the ceiling and snapped the band over Marcus’ forehead.

“This will only take a minute.”

They want to kill you.

Jose came to surrounded by people he didn’t recognize. He could see the weapons on their waists, in discreet pockets. He kicked one of the women in the gut, twisted and pulled the scalpel from the man’s jacket.

“Sir! Mr. Gutierrez! Stop!”

Break for the street. I’ll show you how to get to safety.

Jose punched the doctor under the jaw, just the right angle to drop him so that Jose could make a run for it. He leapt over the table in the enterence and burst through the door.

Alley, on the right, across the street. Take the second door on the left.

Just barely dodging an oncoming bus, Jose ducked into the ally, broke through the door, and disappeared into the darkness.


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