The Rogue’s Surprise

April 12, 2017

Fighters might use Stratagem to outsmart and outwit their opponents with planning and quick action, but Rogues try to outsmart their opponents before their opponents even have a chance to act. Rogues use these Tricks to demoralize, undermine, and break their opponents using only their own guile.

These techniques are easy to see, and perhaps even replicate, but only someone who has a true insight into the body, into the weapon, and into the understanding of their foes can understand the Trick behind them.

Rogues, whether the practiced assassin or the intrepid dungeon-delving adventurer, are all possessed of this unique insight.

Rogue Tricks are oriented toward the player’s actions, rather than reacting to an opponent’s actions. Here’s three example Tricks to show how this works.

Crippling Twist – Level One Trick

Every wound can be made worse. When the Rogue Critically Strikes, the Rogue may do one of the following; Reduce the Speed of their target to 1, grant Advantage against their target for their next attack, or reduce their target’s Physical Avoidance by their Dexterity modifier.

High And Low – Level One Trick

When the Rogue misses an attack against a Foe, the Rogue may make a second attack at Disadvantage.

Fiendish Escape – Level One Trick

When Disengaging, the Rogue may make a basic Strike at Disadvantage against a target within melee range.

The Rogue is a foe that always has a Trick up their sleeve to disarm, distract, and dispatch their foes. They thrive on always having an edge just in case things go wrong, and when things go right they can capitalize on it instantly.

A new word was introduced here, much like Strike in our last post. This time it’s Disengage. Disengaging is when a creature in combat moves away from a melee opponent cautiously, so as not to engender an Opportunity Attack. Rogues are one of the natural masters of getting out of combat, and will have quite a few Tricks available to aid and use their Disengage action.

Anything more you’d like to see out of Rogue Tricks? Any questions? Ask me here! Or…

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