This is Where the Journey Begins

January 25, 2017

We’ve examined those who use their Strength to Fight. We’ve looked at those who use their Dexterity for Rogueish ends. We’ve seen what the Brawlers can deal with because of their powerful Constitutions. We’ve glanced into the magical worlds driven by the Arcanist’s Intelligence and harnessed by the Acolyte’s Wisdom.

But who tells the stories that we know these by? Who rallies the armies of the world and who keeps the team together? When you read about heroes who don’t fit into neat containers, heroes who seem to draw many skills from many different places, they all started out somewhere. They were, at first, simple apprentices to someone. A budding Fighter, Rogue, Arcanist, Brawler, or Acolyte. When they reached the point where they could dedicate themselves fully to their skills, though, their talents pulled them elsewhere. They formed their abilities based on the mystical pull they have with their persona, the strength and flexibility they have threaded through their being.

They’re now Journeymen, walking the world and learning what they can to do what they can.

The Journeymen have two great skills; their Adaptation and their Ingenuity.

Adaptation at this stage in their abilities is relatively weak. It’s rooted in their time as an apprentice. They have access to one of their early training styles, albeit weaker than a full version within that class’s style. This is where they began, and where their skills blossom outward from. Adaptation eventually allows them to remix the abilities of other classes together, taking the strong warrior instincts from one discipline and the patient martial style of another and merging them together. At the beginning, though, it’s the rudimentary training that urged them toward adventure to begin with.

Ingenuity is harder to explain. Journeymen are attached to the universe in a strange way. They have a unique insight into the situations that they’re thrown into by the winds of fate. This special Ingenuity lets them see the solution to their problems…if they’re willing to pay attention. This ability is a complex one, which will have several examples of how to use, from tips from the DM that are appropriately cryptic to gaining Advantage on checks that have to be repeated.

Beyond this humble beginning, though, lies the paths of Bards, Sages, Fencers, and Dreamers. They learn the secrets of the world, mold them with Charismatic touches, and can even manipulate the great stories themselves to their advantage.


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