Wait, what was I doing?

June 10, 2016

Oh, right, I was making a salad. I don’t know why I’m holding the counter, though.

I just have to get the greens out of the fridge, the cheese, the salad dressing. Get a bowl out of the cupboard, get a fork and –

Wait, what was I doing? Why is there a fork on the floor?

Oh, I must have dropped it while I was making my salad. I’ll just put that in the sink then.

Now, tear up some of the greens, toss them in the bowl, put the cheese over them. Mix it up a b-

Wait, what was I doing? Why is there salad everywhere?

I guess I was cleaning up this salad that someone spilled. I spilled? I don’t remember. I’ll just get this all in the trash and…right, I was making a salad before. Well, I’ll tear up some more greens, add some more cheese, add the dressing and mix it up.

There this looks good, now just to –

Wait, what was I doing? Why is there a broken bowl full of salad on the floor?

I guess this is more of a poem than fiction. This is my experience with what I call “flinching”, involuntary full body muscle spasms that limit what I can do during the day. This was what Wednesday was for me, and it lead into a full blown pain flare yesterday. There will be more fiction in the future, but today this is what I’ve got.


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