Welcome to the blog! If you found me through FTBCon…

February 1, 2014

I’m coming fresh off my panel in a lot of ways here, a panel I did for FTBcon, run by Freethought Blogs in association with Secular Woman, about disability in the atheist community.

I noticed a few things – first, it felt like it went really well. I felt like the other panelists enjoyed the discussion, that we touched on a lot of important points, and we had a really good time digging into a touchy subject with a lot of history and a lot of problems in it. There’s still a lot to talk about too. I felt like everyone really got into it, really put a lot of thought and effort into their answers and their positions, and I felt like we all had our say.

However, given all of that, I think I enjoyed the small rants I went on a bit too much. Which is what spawned this post in a lot of ways. Now, I can’t do just podcasty stuff like that a lot. I get distracted, I get meandering, etc. However, what I have been thinking of doing is maybe regular streaming where I play games, work on stuff, whatever and rant about social justice issues I’m interested in, game design, story design, what have you. I’m curious, however, what my readers think (whatever readers I have) and if you do think I should do this, what do you think I should rant about.

Let me know in the comment section below!



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