Big Fundraising Push Today – Let’s Get My Deposit Together

July 20, 2013

My friends are coming over tonight for our once a month boardgame night. We’re also doing a bit of a fundraiser to finish off my deposit, This is the deposit that I’ve been raising money for about a week to cover. This is the $2,500 I need to make sure I’m not homeless again, so I can put my life back together. So I can get my social security settlement. So I can work on my writing and get things back in gear.

Right now, I need less than a thousand dollars to cover it. I don’t know how much my friends are planning on donating tonight, but please consider donating yourself as well. Every dollar helps and, if I get more than the goal amount, it will go toward getting furniture for my room and living essentials that I no longer have due to being homeless for nearly three years. 

Thank you for all of your help! Until we’re done, please consider sharing this post on Twitter, Facebok, Tumblr, etc – every share has helped my donations grow even just a little bit and, in the end, that’s one more step to me being not homeless.

Again, thank you for your support. Everyone.


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