It’s Friday! I’m Excited!

July 19, 2013

Tomorrow is game night for me and my friends. This week, it’s also a fundraiser for me to keep my room – a room I am probably going to introduce everyone to later today. It’s not much – a loaned bed and piles of clothes – but with everyone’s help it’s going to be mine.

We’re up to $1,361 now, out of $2,500. That’s 54.44%! It’s a goodly amount but, as you can tell, it’s still only just barely over half. And just barely over half isn’t going to keep me from being homeless again.

I know this is a pretty crass thing to do but I know a bunch of you out there just got paid. Please, while you’re on the high of getting that paycheck and holding your money, consider kicking me down a little so I can keep my space here. That $2,500 is what stands between me and writing, taking care of my health, working on new hobbies, and getting serious about being an activist. There’s a lot of class problems in our society that I want to help fight so people don’t have to do this anymore. I don’t want to have to ask strangers and friends on the internet for help. I’d rather have been promoting a book or a new board game or a new video game – not just me being housed. That needs fixing.

For now, though, I do need your help. I need you to reshare, retweet, reblog, replay, any sharing mechanism that takes my message to new people. I need your donations, of any amount, and I need your support. I’ve already gotten a lot of support, and that’s amazing, but I just need a little bit more to finish this out.

Thank you for everything, friends and associates, strangers and maybe the occasional fan.

I can’t tell you how moving this has been so far, no pun intended.



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