A New Chapter 7 for Notes From the Abyss P2

July 15, 2012

So this is getting placed in the middle of NFTAP2 to establish a history for a few things I want to work with later. This isn’t the only large scale edit I’m going to be doing to NFTAP2.

So, here we go!


Chapter Seven

I came to during what I can only describe as a shitstorm. I was on my back in the mud, Jennifer was standing over me with a pistol drawn (one that I hadn’t seen before) that was glowing with some pretty heavy-duty runes. Somewhere in front of me, I could hear Hunter growling and I could feel huge waves of power emanating from where he was. Every now and then, a growling and snarling creature with four scaly arms and a flat, wide lizard’s maw would swing down from the trees and try to attack Hunter (I assume they were going for Hunter, as I could see them swing down but it wasn’t at me or Jen), and they were promptly stopped by a blast of what felt like a freezing spell cannon. Huge, blue beam like blasts of pure cold. Which, to be honest, was quite nice in the sweltering jungle.

I slowly climbed to my feet and examined what was going on. There was a ring of the lizard-primate things hanging in the trees and they seemed to be passing some kind of electrical current around to each other. There would be occasional blasts of electric energy that passed over our heads between the creatures (striking them square in the face, but it didn’t phase them at all). Each time that happened, it was normally followed by a rush by one or two of the beasts. Hunter would respond to this usually by firing a massive cold-cannon he had set up somehow that was attached to a belt at his waist and held up by two handles on the top of it (he carried it about waist-high,leaning back on his legs to balance out the weight of what must be a seriously heavy duty enchantment). A few of the beasts had been struck by the beam and were either now slowly melting in the heat as large ice sculptures or had fallen and shattered against one of the many, many trees near us. Those bodies that weren’t iced had reasonably sized smoking holes punched through them, presumably by Jen’s pistol. So, two comrades that were heavily, and lethally, armed that I wasn’t aware of. Though it’s not that it’s much different from what was once my day job.

As I came to my senses, I pulled Rothfus from the sheath inside my coat and began the activation chant. “Trasus Vir Argentum Awe!” I could see Hunter’s hackles raising as I chanted, the dagger lengthening into a silver sword and my body becoming wreathed in soft grey light. “Astratus Malice Maxis!” Hunter dropped his cold cannon and turned toward me, his eyes fluctuating wildly in both size and shape, a haunting red light beginning deep in his pupils and expanding as the spell unfolded. “Assero Exonus Centurae!” At that, Hunter dropped the cannon and seemed go mad. He started roaring at me, his eyes filling with abject rage and furor and his fur seemed to start crawling. His clothes started to bleed into his skin and the jungle seemed to be deafened by the cracking of the bones beneath his skin, his teeth were moving back and forth in his mouth, and his voice seemed to deepen and lengthen into both a scream of pain and a roar of confrontation.

The gigantic lizard monster that leaped out of the jungle totally didn’t see him coming.

The jungle swayed as the thing crashed into the middle of the clearing where we were holed up. The creatures around us seemed to be sparking off blasts of electricity to the thing as it stood up to face us. Or, rather, Hunter – by the time it was snarling in his face, Hunter was twice as tall as he had been and seemed to be half-made of iron and coal. A constant stream of black smoke was coming out of and off of the right half of his face, his left arm seemed to be made of twisted iron girders with fingers made of bolted together knives, and both of his legs were wrapped in steel frames with bolts driven through his knees and ankles. He was also breathing fire. While holding the lizard king by its throat.

Jen spun me toward her and checked my eyes, then looked me up and down. “You okay Jarvis? Back together? I see you’ve got your fancy armor spell going on but I wanted to make sure you were good to fight.” I nodded slowly, a little dumbly, and she spun me again, toward the aft side of the Wolf. “Good, you go take on the things massing on that side, I’ll cover the other.” With that she ran off toward the fore of the ship and whispered the activation invocation for her gun again and poured red hot death into the screaming mass of lizard monsters gathering around one of the paws.

I charged toward the aft side and held my sword out before me and cut down two of the things before they realized I was there. My upper body was already sheathed in silvery armor and my shield spell had activated on its own as it detected attacks coming my way. The lizard things were completely undisciplined now – coming at me with obvious swipes, not moving out of the way of my sword, and even attacking each other. Some of the smaller creatures were scrambling back into the jungle and moving away from me. I was sure that the fear effect from my armor was part of it but it normally wasn’t that effective.

Then the ground shook. I turned toward Hunter and saw his fire-belching industrial wolf shape pinning the lizard creature and absorbing the electrical streams coming off of its face. The other creatures were freaking out and attacking each other, attacking the ship, and the smaller ones were trying to rush back into the jungle. The air vibrated as Hunter inhaled and everything stopped.

When the first note of his voice rang out, lightning poured out of him and into the lizard king. He screamed at the top of his lungs, just noise, for a full minute before yelling, “LEAVE THIS PLACE OR DIE!”

There was a thunderclap at the end. Lightning poured from the lizard king and struck all of the lizard monsters in the face as it died. The monumental magical energies spinning around me was overwhelming and, for the second time that day, I succumbed to unconsciousness.


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