[Open Thread] Let’s Chat…Again!

May 31, 2012

So I’m having a damnable time writing anything. Yesterday I spent most of the day working on a framework for a boardgame I might set up a Kickstarter for, if I can get the base mechanics worked out and find an artist who wants to work on it. Today I’m fomenting a rant on class and the problems of living just above homelessness (and the huge gap between those who can easily take advantage of public assistance and those who don’t need the public assistance – populated mostly by people who make too much to get help but not enough to do it themselves). I’m also working on ideas for the Victorian scientist-superheros, the steampunk sports story, Out of Thyme, Notes from the Abyss P2, and The First and Forgotten Hero. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to focus in almost a week on any of my stories. So, I can’t really write anything. :\

I was recently linked on Skepchick, though, which is really awesome. Makes me feel like I’m doing a good job with my rants!

So, tell me what’s going on with you, tell me what you’d like to see from me, and tell me about who unfair all of this is.


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