[Open Thread] Combat. Bloody, Determined Combat

April 21, 2012

Let’s talk combat. Specifically, weaponry and tactics. I’ve got a fair amount of academic experience with medieval weaponry. Or, rather, hand to hand and limited ranged and siege weaponry through the Enlightenment when the Smallsword practically killed the rapier. I love to talk about it, I even enjoy talking about newer stuff a little. The form, function, the fatal systems and fine details.

Let’s talk about combat.


6 Responses to “[Open Thread] Combat. Bloody, Determined Combat”

  1. I’m still a fan of the rapier. I don’t see it as a lesser weapon. It’s a blade that requires finesse and skill.

    • Luarien Says:

      The rapier is a fine weapon, and I see it as competitive with any broadsword, longsword, or war sword. The only blade of its family I see as ‘lesser’ is the smallsword, since its use is predicated on a total lack of armor.

      • Which makes them perfect for nights when you go to the Opera. Sword fights always break out at the Opera. And at the concession stands at high school football games.

        • Luarien Says:

          I clearly went to the wrong high school.

          • Nachos with jalapenos are a prized commodity. Seriously though, I’ve always preferred the light arms. Having to swing something like a baseball bat never seemed like the most effective way to fight.

          • Luarien Says:

            You haven’t gotten the chance to use many historical swords, eh? Baseball bats are heavier than many swords from the medieval period on, as well as being the most awfully balanced weapons in the history of anything.

            A broadsword, for instance, would rarely top four pounds and even then it was a really heavy weapon. A claymore or zweihander sits comfortably at eight. It’s more about technique than weight when it comes to swords (especially), weight’s only really an issue with flails, maces, and lances.

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