[Open Thread] Having Trouble Writing Today – Let Us Chat

April 13, 2012

I have just finished reading the Belgariad for the…fifth time, I think. Next I’m tackling the Grand Admiral Thrawn trilogy. I’m kind of out of ideas for today, so instead let’s talk about what you enjoy. Specifically, the kinds of fantasy that you enjoy. The setting that I’m most enamored with right now is Royan, my fantasy setting, and I’m culling ideas from as many great fantasy settings as I can. So tell me about the settings and world and fantasies you love.

Tell me how to write a better fantasy.


5 Responses to “[Open Thread] Having Trouble Writing Today – Let Us Chat”

  1. Christina Says:

    I thought you were going to be reading Name of the Wind next.

  2. aceofsevens Says:

    I find settings with a governmental system fairly different from familiar ones interesting. In fact, some fantasy settings go way to far in makign their world like our and ignoring the wider consequences of the changes the author made in the world. (I loved th awkward association between the ministry of magic and the UK government they were theoretically a part of in Harry Potter). Unfortunately, this often gets turns into libertopia or glorification of monarchy.

    • Luarien Says:

      It can be really difficult for a lot of speculative fiction authors to do any political system well, whether it’s sci-fi or fantasy. Mostly because many of them don’t really have a good education in politics in general. A good alternate political system can be really entertaining, though. As well as good remixes of traditional politics.

  3. Politics is a tough subject for me and I’m trying to write dystopian fiction, so I really need to get my head around it. I’ve just registered for a social science course and I’m hoping that it will inspire me as I’ve struggled a bit this week. If all else fails – I focus on character. That usually helps to stimulate interesting plot developments.

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