[Open Thread] Problematic Tropes

March 24, 2012

Tropes form the backbone of writing conventions in all mediums. We know who the hero is, who the villains are, what the setting is, and what the genre is thanks to tropes. A lot of tropes are good, many are useful, but a lot of tropes are problematic. Things from the Femme Fatale to the animation age ghetto to Men Are Dumb, Women Are Emotional there’s lots of tropes that support negative and false stereotypes that affect how people think of and interact with media of all types.

What are your thoughts on problematic tropes? What are your “favorites”?


One Response to “[Open Thread] Problematic Tropes”

  1. VR Says:

    Love triangles for the sake of love triangles. Especially when they’re clearly forced and you always know exactly who the main character is going to end up with from the start. ANNOYING.

    Love triangles and the apparent Hollywood-style necessity now for books to also have a Romantic Interest at all times. Even if the story gains absolutely nothing from it. Why is it so bad for a main character to stay single for a while?

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