Caught With My Literary Pants Down

March 5, 2012

So, this is another day where I have nothing prewritten. Part of it is working on so many different things since I don’t really have a direction right now, part of it is being away at a friends place last week and that eating into my will to write. Part of it is the fact that it’s ridiculously warm and humid lately where I am and I don’t work well in heat. Oh and there’s also the various long-term things that make life kind of annoying for me, but many of you know about this already.

So, in the interests of maintaining my post history and following my own rules, I will once again be writing something ‘fresh’. In this case, it’s a hybrid fantasy world I’ve been kicking around for several years. I hope you enjoy it.

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Until Wednesday, at which time I’ll have something done I hope, have a wonderful two days.

~ Daniel A. Samuelson


Long ago, before time was recorded and history set down in books, the Great Forces made the worlds within the ether and set upon them the Ancient Guardians. Each world and varied and splendid guardians, rich in power and wisdom, who would tend the worlds as if they were gardens, nurturing them and growing them. One of these worlds is still known as Gothoun, and this world was given to 9 dragons to oversee; three dragons who flew through the air and mastered the winds and storm, three dragons who lived deep beneath the earth and mastered fire and stone, and three dragons who lived beneath the seas and rivers who mastered the waves and darkness of the deep. Those dragons were wise and knowledgeable, laying down the first history book and creating the studies of sciences and arts that we know today. Many study at the foot of these dragons, learning all they can teach, for the dragons themselves are immortal and may have no children, have no want of children. Beside the dragons of Gothoun were the First Heroes, who the people call gods now; Vothar the Thundering, Narz’ghall the Whisperer, and Cedric the White are those heroes that are important to us, for their domain is Europa, or the Shimmering Continent, and other lands and their own heroes shall be given their own tales and legends to celebrate their own worlds and lives.

In another world, in other far off lands, the great Heroes and the Guardians of the world are one in the same; a race of the Fair, living in palaces of crystal and light. This race is wise, in many ways, but also petty and jealous of others. While the great Queens of the Fair tried to speak sense into their charges, one known to history only as the Forlorn Prince visited upon the people and the palaces a great injustice, a crime that drove the Fair to war and chaos. The greatest and wisest of the Queens gathered her court and her sisters, the other Queens, together within her own place and spoke to them of great change and hope. She gathered as many as she could of the Fair, the wise and just peoples, and she reached deep into the palace of crystal and light, pulling it’s power through her and flinging the palace, people and all, through the darkness and the ether to a new home. A better home. She moved the Fair that were left, who watched their crystalline world fall and break into a thousand dark shards, to Gothoun and safety.

On that world, the Dragons made a pact. A pact that existed long before they knew they knew who the Fair were. The world, they found, needed great tending and care so as not to become overrun with darkness and evil. So the Dragons made the Old Races, those peoples designed by the Dragons to tend to life, to make life where there is none, to cut the stones of mountains, and weave the paths of rivers. Among the Dragons of the Earth they made the Goblinkin and the Dwarfkin and the Torikkin. Among the Dragons of the Waves they made the Wasserkin and the Croalkin and the Groatkin. Among the Dragons of the Winds they made the Skorinkin and the Terrakin and the Etherkin. All over the world these peoples came together and worked together to make the world brighter and better, bringing light to the dark places and making safe the forlorn places. The Dragons agreed that this was good and each of the Great Heroes of each of the lands of each of the continents came to know them and helped shape the Races of the Dragons as the lands needed, guiding them and working with them to ensure the world was balanced, to ensure the world was good.

When the Fairfolk came to Gothoun, the Dragons had a great debate. Months went by not knowing what to do about the people, where to take them, what to tell them. After years of argument they agreed that the Fairfolk could live within Europa, so they placed the crystal palace on the tip of the Argent Cape, or so The Whisperer called it, and spoke to the Fairfolk the rules of Gothoun. They were told that all peoples were to be treated with respect, for the many Races of the Dragons had tasks to preform to keep the world safe from the darkness in its heart. So the Fairfolk agreed and set up their own farms and orchards, their own towns of tall spires and marble columns, and learned the secret arts and sciences of magic.There was peace for many generations until Maeve, the great Queen who had brought the Fairfolk to Gothoun, passed away and lay upon her bier as the Council of the  Fair chose their new leader.

This debate dragged on for months and months. As it went on the fields became fallow, the orchards overgrown, and food rotted upon the earth instead of being stored and used to feed the people of Arkad, the city of the Fair. Grain was rationed, the herds of beasts became thin, and the Council grew desperate. They could not agree on a leader, but they needed workers in the fields. So the greatest of the mages among the Fair went out into the forests, out into the fields, out into the rivers, out atop the mountains, and out beneath the waves and took the things from these places that made them unique. The wove them together into shimmering bodies, stocky and beautiful, with large wide eyes for seeing, tall, coned ears for hearing, long dexterous fingers for weaving and picking, strong and broad bodies for running and working, but gave them no mind beyond what they could feel and see in the very moment they lived within. They were bright and intelligent, though forever innocent and trapped within the moments they lived within. They called them the Elffin, or The Immortal Children in their own tongue (-fin being an Immortal, Elf being a Fairfolk child). These Elffin went out among the fields and the orchards and the granaries and saved the people, saved the Fairfolk, and the Council soon elected a new leader. The new Queen, Callistara, won favor by gifting Elffin to every household, to every work place, and soon no Fairfolk had to work. Instead their immortal, hard working, and unfeeling slaves became both property and pleasure, toys and tools, of the Fair.

This was the start of the Dark Time, and some say the beginning of the First War.


2 Responses to “Caught With My Literary Pants Down”

  1. Mieux Says:

    So far, this looks like a great beginning to an epic. I think this has a lot of potential, but the wording is rough and awkward in places, and could use refinement. If you want, I can take a stab at editing it, but I won’t have time until this weekend.

    Do you have plans to expand it?

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