The End…Of Part One! – Notes From the Abyss Chapter 11

February 13, 2012

And so part one ends. I’ll start working on Part Two sometime in March, most likely. I’ve got ideas but I kind of want to let them settle in before I get started on it. That and I need to get this all packaged up so you can buy it for your Kindle! And your Nook! And maybe your iPhone if you’re unlucky enough to own one still.

I am still working on The Grey Paladin, a fantasy story I’m going to submit to a publication contest, and for the past two days I’ve been posting some flash fiction on my G+ stream. So if you’re curious, go check it out. Also be sure to consider Liking my author page on Facebook, which is conveniently linked on the right side of the screen here!

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Until Wednesday!



I knocked hard on Jennifer’s door bright and early after spending the entire night analyzing what we’d need. She opened the door still rubbing sleep from her eyes. “Jarvis? It’s not even dawn yet.”

“I know, but I think I know how they did it. And I think I know how I can find them.” Jennifer’s eyes lit up as I told her. She slammed the door on my face, quickly got dressed, and practically knocked the door down coming back out. She half pushed, half pulled me to breakfast and asked me hundreds of questions in rapid succession all the way down the stairs, across the house, and to the kitchen. I shook my head and sat her down at one of the preparation tables in the kitchen and quietly asked the kitchen to start cooking a breakfast for us. I grabbed a few rolls and condiments, then sat down across from her while we waited for the enchanted room to whip us up something hearty.

“Do you know how the Cataclysm started?” I asked her. I was quiet and serious, laying out some of the rolls to use as example. She shook her head. “No one knows. The Earth fell apart and the UN tried to save everyone it could in the first temple-ships as the planet collapsed. At the time they blamed the settlers of Metris but no one knew for sure.”

I nodded, “All correct except my family knows how it actually started, and I found it in our records last night. The spell that hides the Name on the vase, the one that was cast before the Gates family records acknowledge the vase, was on Earth. That spell sacrificed the Earth’s soul to create Elsewhere and, in doing so, kicked off the Cataclysm. My family’s been refining the spell ever since to find out who cast it because the only magicians that should have been able to do it would have been us. We never did, though, and we still don’t know who else might know our Arte. One of my ancestors used a variation of the spell to hide the Name of the temple-ship that rescued us and everyone else that settled on Metris originally, the people blamed for the Cataclysm originally. They used the waves of power coming off of the Earth following the Cataclysm to do it and it still took over a hundred practitioners working together on the same invocation, using our Arte, to erase the ship’s name. That spell was also temporary, the Name reattached itself to the temple-ship one hundred years later. The vase’s spell is older than that and it’s still nameless.” Her eyes widened at the implications, her jaw dropped slowly, and she mumbled, “Sacrificed the Earth? The soul of the world?” I nodded slowly. “The magician that took the vase from the Gates’ vault was inexperienced with the Arte, though. Sloppy. That’s why they used the thaums from Ryan’s Golden Road to get to the vase. They probably won’t need it next time, though – most of the power came from somewhere else. A font of power my grandmother first worked with when she was on the Nova.”

Jennifer chewed on a piece of toast for a few seconds before frowning and swallowing, “Aren’t you going to tell me what it is?” I grinned and shook my head slowly, “You’re going to call me insane for what we’re going to need to do to access it.” She rolled her eyes, “This whole situation is crazy. What’s next?”

I laughed nervously and pointed to the rolls I had arranged. “Well, here we are on Metris. Over here, this crescent roll, this is where I think the Practitioner is drawing their power.”

“Jarvis, you’re crazy. That’s the Sagittarius black hole. It’d kill us! Just the arcane winds that spin around it could destroy our minds! Let alone what the crushing power of the gravity there will do to us and the ship!” She looked incredulous, unable to even comprehend flying all the way to the middle of the galaxy from the outward spiral arm we were on.

I shrugged nonchalantly, “Well, that’s where we need to go. Hopefully, we can find a pilot crazy enough to take us there.”


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