The Next Page – Notes From the Abyss Chapter 3

January 25, 2012

Short chapters, I know, but we’re getting there. I’m going over Chapter 6 again today ’cause when I was editing it I thought it was awful. Hopefully today’s different since I’m not totally angsty and depressed today.

In the mean time please read the chapter below and let me know what you think. Blah blah donate blah blah link’s on the right.



I awoke with a start when I heard my door open. I rolled off my bed and threw it into the air as the first flashes of lightning tore through my office and into the small bedroom. I closed my eyes, pressed my palms together in front of my chest, and muttered the activation invocation for Rothus’ defensive spell before standing and looking for my assailants. One turned through the door, his hand raised with dancing electricity starting to collect in his palm. Luckily for me, Rothus’ Argent Lance is faster. I screamed, “Vir!” and a thin, straight beam of silver light exploded from my arm and struck him in the chest, driving him against the wall. His lighting spat wildly around the door frame as he fell, unable to control it anymore, and struck another person on the other side of the door. I focused my will again, gathering another Lance in my mind and looked out the door. A man was slumped against the far wall, a shimmering silver bolt sticking out of his shoulder. His eyes were wide, stupefied by the effect of the Argent Lance. Just to the side of the door on the other wall was a woman in a suit like the man’s, out cold with a face covered in fresh electrical burns.

I searched them quickly, finding small ceramic charms with lightning bolts on one side and a spell on the other when I opened their jackets. I stripped the charms from both of them so they couldn’t use their invocations again and thanked my lucky stars that I always wore my ritual knife to bed. I picked up the phone and rang the local precinct and asked them to come collect a couple of criminals, left the two tied up outside the door, then went back to getting ready to leave.

Just as I was stepping out of my office with Mori, the police arrived to pick up the two suits. Four beat cops with heavy-duty shield charms on their belts and arcane crossbows joined by a middle-aged woman in a black suit and trenchcoat.

I walked with woman, a detective, that had come with them. Her name was Margret Zormann and I stood outside with her and gave her a statement as they loaded the two suits into the back of a police wagon. I told her about the lightning charms and handed them over (which turned out to be illegal electromancy – banned spirit fetishes). She asked if I had recently made any enemies. I told her the pertinent public details about my new case, offered her a cigarette. She took it and asked me to call her if anything else happened. Before she left with the other cops she looked back at me and tilted her hat back, “If you ever get in trouble near Sapphire, just invoke Malkuth and I’ll find you. I’m one of the registered Tree of Life masters here. Good luck, Mac Callan.”

I don’t get to see her often but Margret’s always such a professional. A real treasure in this day and age.

Her hands fluttered through a compact set of mudras as she returned to her car and the vehicle lifted up off the ground and the door opened as she got close – detectives, it seems, got the best in arcanological engineering on Metris.

Mori appeared over my right shoulder with a small gust of wind. “Perhaps, Sir Mac Callan, we should be advancing. It is within Our interests and yours to find the Cask with as much haste as We both are capable.” I rolled my eyes slowly, composed myself before facing him, and nodded. “Yeah, lets get a move on then. The Standing Stones are about a mile away, so it’ll only take a few minutes to walk there.”

Mori nodded thoughtfully. “Then while We are moving toward our destination, I shall tell you of Our connection to the Family and the Cask…”


3 Responses to “The Next Page – Notes From the Abyss Chapter 3”

  1. Hi, I enjoyed that little snippet. I like the feel and discreption that you’ve put into that segment. and I’d deffinately like to see more 🙂

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