All The Kids are Here

January 15, 2012

So I’ve put up all of  my finished first drafts plus one I’m still working on (that’d be the last one). I’ve got two more stories I’m working on right now that’ll be up here as soon as I’ve got them at least in completed first draft form.

The first is Notes From the Abyss – it’s part Battleship Yamato, part Maltese Falcon, part Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn. I started with the idea of doing an occult noir space opera and this is where it’s taken me. It’s about a private eye named Mac Callan hunting down a rich family’s heirloom that may end up being the most dangerous weapon since the destruction that consumed the Earth.

The second is currently Matsuda and the Maze, a retelling of Theseus and the king of Minos if Theseus was an old gay samurai rescuing his lover from the clutches of a maniacal daimyo that has a thing for bull imagery. I’ve just started this one and I’m feeling out what I want to do with it still.

These stories, plus a few more I hope, will be in an upcoming collection that’s been in the tags for all of these posts so far – ReWord. While I am giving the stories away, the book’s more so people can get Kindle versions and I can support myself. I’m willing to answer any questions you may have as far as that goes but I mainly wanted to explain that tag. I might start posting chapters from a novel I’m also working on called Out of Thyme. Yeah, it’s cheesey. But I love cheese.

If you’d like to see more Work in Progress posts, or see my personal ranting, I’ve got another blog at where I post things I’m thinking of and working on (and, right now, a small series of posts about swords ’cause I’m an absolute nerd). I’m trying to keep The Writing Engine devoted just to my writing (and possibly others, if I end up working with more authors).

And, on that note, I’m going to get back to writing, working on a shared universe, and relaxing.

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