This is a rather personal problem for me, and one that I’m interested in being an activist about (along with my feminism activism, since they’re intrinsically tied to each other). I’m willing to discuss the issue with anyone that’s interested but I won’t have either propoganda or baiting in the comments, so be forwarned. This is my space, not yours, and you don’t have the freedom to say anything you want. That being said, there’s a lot of discussion that does need to happen still, especially when it comes to answers. All we know for sure right now is that inequality is bad for everyone.

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What follows is the fifth chapter of Notes From the Abyss, that serial sci-fi I’m writing. This is also just part one, so there’ll be even more when this is over.

I’m having test readers go through whole document now and I’ve got two artists working on cover mockups for me so I can get this up on digital marketplaces soon. I hope you’re interested in buying it, reading it, showing it off to your friends, etc.


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The manuscript for the whole thing is getting ready for the finishing touch so I’ll have a purchase link soon, I hope. In the mean time, if you’re enjoying this please consider tossing us a bone with the donate link on the right.

I’m working on some short stories today, including an edit of Fake Cigarettes and Cold Coffee, while doing some out-loud thinking on Twitter. If you’re interested, come find me (the link’s in our About page, the one about our Purposes and Methods).

And, as always, comments are both welcome and treasured.


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So today’s not a story day, but I still would like to say something. So I thought I’d write up a little something. Especially for the other authors that may be reading this because it’s mainly for you.

I first fell in love with writing and reading as a kid, and I grew up with Piers Anthony and Robert Asprin as my principle initiators. Eventually it grew to Asimov, Bova, Eddings, Tolkien, Brooks, Adams…it’s a long list. Those first two, though, brought me something I’ll never lose. Anthony gave me a grounding in both silliness and seriousness, alternating between the two to strengthen the story and the feeling of the writing. Asprin gave me a kind of hope, both for weaving interesting tales that swept people away, but also sharing. He fashioned a world with Thieve’s World, a shared universe where he and several other writers participated.

I’d like to share my worlds with everyone, I’d like to be able to include many authors in the worlds I fashion and flesh out. I can’t describe everything and it’d be nice to have a cadre of interested parties who do want to tell stories in a world I create. It’s both a compliment and a joy to read someone else playing with my toys.

So, at least three of the worlds I’m building I’m opening up to everyone and anyone to write in so long as they follow 3 rules.

1) You ask me when you’re curious about a ‘Rule’ of the world

2) You do not change those things that define the world, including important characters (IE, you can’t kill Elminster)

3) You respect the other authors, me included, when we write a story in this universe.

I’m willing to discuss the worlds as they come to fruition, getting input from other authors who’d love to help establish the ground floor. This isn’t just mine, it’s yours too. The rules are to protect everyone so they’re writing in the same space and same systems.

The three worlds I’m going to open up stories to are Royan (a high fantasy world where science is magic and the gods have been killed, where a portal to Earth has opened and brought colonialism, the Church, and ancient dogma back to roost), Jarvis Mac Callan’s Abyss (it’s a noir pulp sci-fi universe of hermetic magic, flying temples, and hard-boiled detectives), and Terra (a steampunk alternate universe where people in grey suits keep the Time, agents tune their senses to understand the weft and weave of actions, and Queen Victoria has been kept alive undying in a casket of iron and hatred).

Anyone interested in writing in these places with me?

Short chapters, I know, but we’re getting there. I’m going over Chapter 6 again today ’cause when I was editing it I thought it was awful. Hopefully today’s different since I’m not totally angsty and depressed today.

In the mean time please read the chapter below and let me know what you think. Blah blah donate blah blah link’s on the right.

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Below the fold is the next installment of Notes From the Abyss. Tomorrow I’m considering doing another article but I’m not sure on what just yet – that I’ll write todaytIf you can handle multiple posts at once I may post new and revised works as this continues, but Notes is going to update Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays as I said before. If you would like to see multiple posts per day, be sure to let me know here.

Thanks for reading! Remember to Donate (that link on the right hand side) if you enjoy it and would like to see more.

Keep an eye out here and on Amazon for the kindle version of Notes From the Abyss’s first installment – 10 chapters and over 10,000 words for $0.99!

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This is the edited version of Chapter One. From here on out the chapters will have at least one pass over them. This is closer (or will be) the version that’s going up for sale when it’s all spit-shined.

Hope you enjoy!

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